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Stlth Pods

Stlth Pods

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Banana Ice: Sweet + Banana + Cool + Refreshing

Blue Raspberry: Sour + Sweet + Blue Raspberry

Grape Ice: Sweet + Grape + Cooling

Mango: Juicy + Mango

Mint: Smooth + Icy

Peach: Sweet + Peach

Strawberry: Strawberry + Subtle Sweetness

Tobacco: Medium Blend + Tobacco

Tobacco Mint: Smooth + Rich + Tobacco + Icy

Watermelon Mint: Juicy + Watermelon + Mint

STLTH pods Each pack contains 3 disposable vape pods, each individually packaged for optimal freshness. 2.0 mL of E-liquid per pod.

Available in the standard 20 mg/mL, Bold 35, and Bold 50 strengths as well as a nicotine-free option.

Bold 35 and Bold 50 offer a unique nicotine blend optimized for the STLTH system with a more realistic high-nicotine feel to mimic the sensation of a 35 mg/ML or 50 mg/mL nicotine strength vape while still observing the 20 mg/mL federal limit.

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