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Vuse ePod 2+ Device

Vuse ePod 2+ Device

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Fast Charging: The Vuse ePod 2+ takes 50 minutes to reach a full battery charge (vs. approximately 80 min for ePod and approximately 60 min for ePod 2).

LED colors and vibration: The Vuse ePod 2+ will light red, amber or green and vibrate once when the charge level is 30% and once when it is 10%. The LED will also light red or green to tell you battery level during charging.

Lock Button: The Vuse ePod 2+ has a button on the side that can be used to "lock" the device so no one but you has access. To lock or unlock the device simply press the button quickly three times.

A fully-charged ePod 2+ should last approximately 190 puffs*, but this will depend on your usage/vaping behavior.

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